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Our archive of quarterly e-Newsletters and e-Alerts includes features on CSRH research collaborations and activities.

Newsletter 11, July - December 2014

  • Women drug users: our voices, our lives, our health
  • From science to practice? HIV-negative people using HIV medication to prevent infection
  • Online technology can boost research
  • Reporting with Infographics
  • Couples with mixed HIV status: cross-cultural perspectives on serodiscordance
  • HepHIV 2014 Conference
  • HIV Awareness Week 2014 Forum: Ending HIV—tackling stigma, discrimination and criminalisation
  • Postgraduate students shine at symposium
  • Latest news

Newsletter 10, April - June 2014

  • Priorities in HIV prevention
  • Play Safe: an outstanding example of collaboration between research and health promotion practice
  • Stigmatisation of people who inject illicit drugs
  • AIDS 2014 affiliated independent event
  • Postgraduate research at CSRH
  • Latest news

Newsletter 9, July - September 2013

  • 13th Social Research Conference on HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Related Diseases
  • Culture, sexuality and HIV in Vietnam
  • Can police help to get more young substance using offenders into treatment?
  • Gay and bisexual men and hepatitis C: an inconvenient infection
  • Consensus, contrast and contradiction in HIV testing and counselling guidance
  • Evaluating sexual health messages at music festivals
  • HIV Treatment as Prevention study
  • Latest news

Newsletter 8, April - June 2013

  • A new name for NCHSR
  • Watching porn: Not the 'bad influence' often thought?
  • Managing HIV in general practice
  • A safe and supportive community for children
  • Barriers to hepatitis testing among gay men
  • Patterns of cancer care among Aboriginal people
  • Being a migrant and living with HIV
  • Latest news

Newsletter 7, January - March 2013

  • Managing HIV, sex and risk among serodiscordant couples in a changing epidemic
  • Health and wellbeing of people living with HIV in Australia
  • AIDS 2014
  • Sexual risk taking among gay men finding their partners online
  • Marginalised young people and drugs, injecting and hepatitis C
  • Latest news

Newsletter 6, October - December 2012

  • Australia Forum on Sexuality, Education and Health
  • Delivering on the promise of the HIV prevention revolution
  • IDU and HIV among Malaysian fishermen
  • Barriers to sexual health testing among gay men
  • Australasian HIV/AIDS conference
  • Recent grant success
  • New Malaysian collaboration
  • Professor Seth Kalichman
  • Finding the needle in a haystack

Newsletter 5, July - September 2012

  • Hepatitis C models of care
  • Integrating hepatitis C treatment
  • Hepatitis C and injecting drug use among Aboriginal Australians
  • Exploring the relationship between implicit self-representation, drug use and drug treatment
  • National Gay Men’s HIV Health Promotion Conference 2012
  • Latest news

Newsletter 4, April - June 2012

  • 'Sex education should be taught, fine...but we make sure they control themselves'
  • Silence&articulation
  • Does the format and framing of sexual health promotion messages matter?
  • Opinion: Human rights and the 'prevention revolution' by John Godwin
  • Latest news

Newsletter 3, January - March 2012

  • Sexual health needs of young gay men: increasing the coverage of sexual health programs
  • Depression report launched
  • Rewards and challenges of providing HIV care in general practice
  • Latest news

Newsletter 2, October - December 2011

  • PrEP study results
  • Hepatitis C treatment in opiate substitution settings
  • Making Disease, Making Citizens: The Politics of Hepatitis C
  • Latest NCHSR news

Newsletter 1, July - September 2011

  • Social science will remain critical to HIV prevention
  • Barriers to STI Testing Among Young People
  • Engaging with HIV as a professional interest
  • 2010 NCHSR Annual Report launched
  • NCHSR 2012 Conference
  • NCHSR at the 2011 Australasian HIV/AIDS Conferencee

Seminar e-Alert, October 2013

HIV-related stigma, discrimination and human rights: revisited Speaker: Professor Peter Aggleton holds a UNSW Strategic Chair in Education and Health at the Centre for Social Research in Health

Seminar e-Alert, September 2013

Treatment for hepatitis C: staying strong and staying on! Facilitators and barriers to treatment adherence and completion Speaker: Ms Victoria Sublette, PhD candidate in Health Psychology, The University of Sydney

Seminar e-Alert, August 2013

Exploring the potential role of tattooists in delivering harm-reduction information to at-risk clients Speaker: Ms Hannah Wilson, Master of Arts by Research candidate at the Centre for Social Research in Health

Seminar e-Alert, June 2013

Integrating treatment: the opiate substitution therapy clinic in the evolution of hepatitis C treatment Speaker: Mr Jake Rance, Research Associate at CSRH

Seminar e-Alert, April 2013

Perceived risk of HIV infection among HIV-negative gay men in Sydney Speaker: Dr Limin Mao, Senior Research Fellow at CSRH

Bloody prisons: risky behaviour, hepatitis viruses and prevention possibilities Speaker: Professor Andrew Lloyd AM, Director of Inflammation and Infection in the School of Medical Sciences at UNSW Australia

Seminar e-Alert, March 2013

'Who’s going to look after HIV?' General practitioners, generational change, and the imagined future of HIV care Speaker: Dr Christy Newman, Senior Research Fellow and the Postgraduate Research Coordinator at CSRH

Seminar e-Alert, November 2012

Sydney west NSP project, materiality, and PhD matters Speaker: Kenneth Yates, postgraduate student at CSRH

Seminar e-Alert, 15 October 2012

Keeping the promise: behavioral interventions to enhance HIV treatment as prevention Speaker: Professor Seth Kalichman, University of Connecticut, US

NCHSR October Seminars,
Next seminar: 2 October 2012

Geographies of the Sydney sex economy Speaker: Dr Christine Steinmetz, Faculty of the Built Environment

Keeping the promise: behavioral interventions to enhance HIV treatment as prevention Speaker: Professor Seth Kalichman, University of Connecticut, US

Seminar e-Alert, 13 September 2012

Staying Safe: What can research about people who inject drugs tell us about how to avoid hepatitis C in the long-term?
Next generation hepatitis C prevention strategies
Presenters: Magdalena Harris, The Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Carla Treloar, National Centre in HIV Social Research, UNSW
Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, National Development and Research Institutes Inc., New York, US
Discussants: Tim Rhodes, The Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK; National Centre in HIV Social Research, UNSW
Sam Friedman, National Development and Research Institutes Inc., New York, US

Seminar e-Alert, 5 September 2012

The Syringe is NOT an Object: Harm Reduction, Needle Sharing, and Morality Speaker: Dr Nicole Vitellone, University of Liverpool, UK

Seminar e-Alert, 10 July 2012

Social Drivers or Social Enablers? Speaker: Emeritus Professor Susan Kippax, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW

Seminar e-Alert, 12 June 2012

Getting the best bang for the buck: an analysis of needle and syringe provision Speaker: Prof Carla Treloar, CSRH Deputy Director

Seminar e-Alert, 8 May 2012

Attitudes towards hepatitis C and perceptions of hepatitis C risk practices amongst gay men: findings from the Heptagon Study Loren Brener, Jeanne Ellard, Dean Murphy, Denton Callander
Speakers: Dr Loren Brener and Dr Jeanne Ellard, CSRH

Publication e-Alert, January 2014

Young people growing up with HIV Asha Persson and Christy Newman HIV and sexual health in Uganda Stephen Bell and Peter Aggleton

Publication e-Alert, November - December 2013

HIV prevention for gay men in Australia: Where do we go from here? John de Wit and Philippe Adam Tackling homophobia in London schools: successful approaches Peter Aggleton Aboriginal patterns of cancer care in NSW Christy Newman

Publication e-Alert, December 2012 to February 2013

Diversity in School Peter Aggleton “No Asians please—not racist, just a preference” Denton Callander Love and intimacy in hepatitis C transmission Carla Treloar

Publication e-Alert, October 2012

Risk perception of HIV transmission Limin Mao What do marginalised young people know and think about injecting and hepatitis C? Joanne Bryant Making (new) sense of serodiscordance Asha Persson The waiting room Christy Newman

Publication e-Alert, September 2012

Integrating ethnographic principles in NGO monitoring and impact evaluation Peter Aggleton HIV-negative and HIV-positive gay men’s attitudes to medicines, HIV treatments and antiretroviral-based prevention Martin Holt Trends in drug use among gay and bisexual men Toby Lea

Publication e-Alert, 11 July 2012

Technical review of hepatitis C health promotion resources Rebecca Winter, Suzanne Fraser, Norman Booker, Carla Treloar

Publication e-Alert, 25 June 2012

Understanding Global Sexualities: New frontiers Professor Peter Aggleton

Publication e-Alert, May 2012

Injecting drug use among Aboriginal people in New South Wales Monique McEwan, Dana Paquette and Joanne Bryant


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