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NCHSR October Seminars

Next seminar: 2 October 2012

National Centre in HIV Social Research  

Dear colleague

The National Centre in HIV Social Research invites you to join us at our October seminars.

We are offering two very interesting seminars this October; the first by Dr Christine Steinmetz from the Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW and the second by Professor Seth Kalichman from the University of Connecticut, United States.

Everyone welcome. Click here for directions.
Please RSVP if you wish to attend a seminar.

Tuesday 2nd October, 12–1 pm

Geographies of the Sydney sex economy

Dr Christine Steinmetz

Dr Christine Steinmetz, Faculty of the Built Environment

This seminar will be held in Room 119, John Goodsell building. 




In the last decade there has been a discernible spatial sexualisation—some might even say ‘pornification’ of many Western cities. The production and consumption of sex and expressions of sexuality are no longer simply a part of red light districts, industrial areas or zones of transition within the inner city; they appear to have evolved as ‘mainstream’ commercial activities, spatially and socially. Increasingly, commercial sex industry activities such as strip bars/gentleman’s clubs, sex shops, sensuality boutiques, queer spaces, brothels, BDSM/fetish clubs and erotic conventions have become highly recognisable in the urban landscape. Whilst it has been argued that aspects of the sex industry transmit negative externalities—aesthetic, economic and social—it also plays an important, albeit somewhat controversial role in contributing to the vibrancy of a night-time economy, place-branding, recreation and business, and the creation of a gritty and somewhat taboo urban experience. From a planning perspective, sex industry activities are considered contentious land uses; their presence (or lack of) affects a wide variety of stakeholders. This presentation will:
• provide an overview of how cities position themselves as global and/or cosmopolitan
• critique the lack of definition of sex industry activities in NSW
• address policy issues associated with sex industry spaces in the Sydney LGA
• present some of the empirical findings of sex industry activity in the Sydney metropolitan area we have collected thus far
• and discuss the City of Sydney as a model of international best practice


Christine’s scholarly interests include the social construction of place on university campuses and student experience (undergraduate and postgraduate). These areas were the crux of her thesis ‘Universities as place: an intergenerational perspective on the experience of Australian university students’ and continue to be integral to her teaching and research. Christine has been researching contentious land uses in the urban environment, particularly the adult entertainment and sex industries in Australia. This research focuses on planning and regulation around these contentious land uses, progressive and best models ‘in practice’ from a global perspective , and the significant contribution of the sex economy to a night time economy within the urban landscape. As Christine’s research is contextualised in built environment studies, the impact of surrounding urban environments is significant to the various stakeholder groups. Christine is currently the Director of Postgraduate Research in the Faculty of Built Environment where she also teaches in the Bachelor of Planning Program.  


Monday 15th October, 4–5 pm

Keeping the promise: behavioral interventions to enhance HIV treatment as prevention

Seth Kalichman

Professor Seth Kalichman, University of Connecticut, US






Professor Kalichman is dedicated to the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS and the care of those affected by the HIV epidemic. His research is focused in the southern United States and South Africa. He is a clinical community psychologist and professor of social psychology at the University of Connecticut, who researches HIV/AIDS prevention and care. He was previously on the faculties of Loyola University of Chicago, Georgia State University, and the Medical College of Wisconsin where he worked under the direction of Jeffrey A. Kelly to help establish the Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR). He is currently the director of the Southeast HIV and AIDS Research and Evaluation (SHARE) Project, a research program within the AIDS Survival Project in Atlanta, Georgia. His research in South Africa is in collaboration with the Human Sciences Research Council. Professor Kalichman's work has been continuously and exclusively funded by the National Institutes of Health since 1992. He serves on NIH grant review panels, has over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, and has authored and edited five books in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and care services, including Positive Prevention, recently published by Springer. He is also the current editor of the bimonthly journal AIDS and Behavior. Professor Kalichman was the recipient of the 1997 Early Career Award in Health Psychology from the American Psychological Association and the 2005 Distinguished Scientist Award from the Society for Behavioral Medicine.


Upcoming Seminars


November  |  Kenneth Yates, Postgraduate student, NCHSR
Sydney west needle and syringe program project

December  |  Drs Asha Persson and Christy Newman, NCHSR
HIV-positive children transitioning to adolescence and adulthood

This will be our final seminar for 2012

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